About Elite Massage School

Being centrally located in University Place (Southwest Tacoma); Elite Massage School (EMS) offers an outstanding educational opportunity to the surrounding counties of King, Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap, and Mason County.

EMS embraces modern techniques, modalities, and skills while honoring the traditional methods.  By doing so we lay down the groundwork for our students to become leaders in their chosen field.

EMS has a few ways in which makes them more unique than other massage training schools:

    • EMS has smaller class designs to provide additional support and cater towards the students needs.
    • EMS is an official American Red Cross Training Center where the instructors are also certified as American Red Cross Training Instructors.  This provides the students with the best knowledge when completing their required CPR and First Aid training.
    • Each class is designed to develop critical thinkers not just in the field of massage, but in life.
    • Elite Massage School is associated with Elite Massage Education Center and together are a training center for Continuing education. This helps continue to motivate their students after graduation. Their structure helps to build confidence and inspire their therapists’ individuality.
    • EMS Instructors are also passionate owners whom are friendly, and genuinely dedicated to their students success.
    • EMS Instructors are not just instructors, but also walk-the-walk as they  prepare lessons from their own successes and struggles in the field.