Tuition & Fees

Tuition at Elite Massage School (EMS) is $12,700

Student tuition covers the cost of normal classroom (Monday to Thursday) instruction and program administration only. 

Absences, unsatisfactory academic performance, and disciplinary actions create additional administrative costs which may be passed onto the student in form of an Administrative Fee (these are detailed in the student handbook). 

 Additional costs for books, supplies, and listed items will be the responsibility of the student to obtain.  A list will be given before the first start of class.   

There are (3) in house payment options available in order to pay for your Tuition.  

The following payment options will require a setup of EFT (Electronic fund transfer).  We can take payments in form of Mastercard, Visa, American Express (AMEX), Discover, Venmo, Chime, and PayPal. 

Option # 1: 

0% Interest.  At least a $1000 Deposit (Before start of class).  Remainder due on the first day of class. 

Option #2: 

3% Interest.  At least a $1000 Deposit (Before start of class).  Remainder is to be paid in equal installments due before graduation. 

Option #3: 

9% Interest.  At least a $1000 Deposit (Before start of class).  Remaining payments are individualized by the students and will be contracted by our admissions staff.  This option allows flexibility for students to pay installments through school, but also allows them to extend their tuition payments up to 3 years. 


Here are additional requirements that are in addition to tuition that you will need throughout the program.

Please ask for assistance.  We are happy to work with you.

Before 1st Day of School Supplies
Non-refundable application fee      $100.00  
Books & Workbooks $400.00 Used $1,000.00 New
Linens – Twin Sheets & Blanket(s)  $10.00 Used $50.00 New
Student Liability Insurance    FREE AMTA
Misc. Classroom Supplies      $300.00 New
Massage Table $150.00 Used $1,200.00 New
Under table tote with lid  $12.00 Used $20.00 New
Within 2 Months After Start of School Supplies 
BLS/CPR & First Aid Training – 2 Year Certification      $80.00 EMS
Stethoscope & BP Cuff  $20.00 Used $40.00 New
Massage Day, Clinic, & Externship Scrub Top  $15.00 Used $60.00 New
Tablet or Laptop (For Testing, Charting, and Documents)  $100.00 Used $1,000.00 New
Within 2 Months Before Graduation School Supplies 
MBLEx Testing Fee (National Licensing Exam)      $226.00 DOH
Massage License Fee (Annual Renewal Fee)      $166.00 DOH